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- Hourly consultations ($500 an hour)

- Flat-rate projects (starts at $3000)

I provide one-on-one consulting services for early-stage entrepreneurs in the following formats:

My services include...

Business Strategies & Financial Models

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Have a new business idea but not sure what the financial projection looks like?


Been around for a while but want more insight into your business performance?


Ready to raise money but don't have a solid financial valuation model?

For new business ideas: I can help you conduct competitive landscape research, design market entry strategy, create business models and build financial projections.

For existing businesses: I can help you generate business insight charts, build an actual business P&L, and create a full financial valuation model.

I can help you attain financial confidence.

Business Strategies and Financial Models

Pitch Decks & Business Plans

Just started and need help writing a professional business plan or creating your first pitch deck?

Have an existing business plan or deck, but want a second eye to help crystallize your pitch?

Need coaching on how to pitch to an investor most persuasively and effectively?


I can help you get ready before a pitch.

For new business ideas: I can help you refine your value proposition, write a professional business plan, and create your first pitch deck.

For existing businesses: I can help you crystalize your business plan, refine your pitch deck, and provide coaching on investor pitching strategies.

Pitch Decks and Business Plans

Operations Management & Business Development

Operations and Business Development

Overwhelmed and need someone to help manage your business operations?

Hoping to figure out a more optimized way to run your business?

Looking to grow but need someone to help lead specific projects and business development initiatives?

I can help you optimize operations & achieve growth.

For new business ideas: I can help you design an operations plan, create structures and processes, and initiate business development partnerships.

For existing businesses: I can help you optimize your business operations strategies, spearhead specific projects, and achieve new business growth.

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Featured Service Details

Featured Service Details

Customized packages available!


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